“The Giver” By Lois Lowry. Reviewed By Ethan

On 6/16/11 I finished the giver. I will tell you what each main character learns. Joanas learns not to run from anything. Asher learns not to be late. Fiona learns to be nice to everybody.

The book has a slow beginning because there was no action. However, the middle had a lot of events. The end of the book wasn’t that good because it left me hanging.

I feel everybody should read this book. Jonas’s dad reminds me of mygrandma beacause he’s a nurse. If you see this book you should pick it up and read it.


Big Brother Post: Having Keira

I never knew how stressful it would be to have mom and dad out of the house because Keira was being born. I missed them but I knew I would be having a baby sister. The day she was born, I went to the hospital to see her. I held her for like five minutes. I thought how small she was.

When Baby Keira came home

It’s turning out to be fun because she laughs a lot. She always laughs at me when I tickle her. She always makes funny sounds like “bow-wow-wow-wow”. I also play with her and get her pacifier when she cries.

My cat gets thrown out of the house a lot. He gets thrown out the house because he’s meowing and wakes Keira up. I also found out that I can sleep through Keira screaming. Keira changed my life a lot when she was born.

I can wear pink like Keira!