This blog is the story of the Deeds family – the family of five living in Amish Town, Pennsylvania.  It’s all about learning and growing with your children and dealing with every day challenges and decisions.  It’s about childbirth and adoption.  Babies and school aged kids.  Home life and the balance of work.  It’s just about the general daily life!


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  1. Robin Farmanfarmaian
    Oct 22, 2010 @ 18:37:13

    Dear Kristen,

    I was searching for pregnancy and new mom bloggers for HealthTap’s Pregnancy and New Moms blog when I came across your site. I loved your voice on your blog!!!

    I want to post great stories about real moms and would LOVE some articles from you!!

    HealthTap helps pregnant women and new moms make better decisions about their health and well-being using data.
    While we are testing our product, we are building an exclusive, private blog for this community. This is where people can sign up to read fun stories and informative articles, and to learn about the latest apps for moms (such as useful iPhone and Adroid apps).

    If you would like to be a HealthTap featured contributor, please email me at Robin@healthtap.com and I’ll get you set up.

    Thanks so much! I’m looking forward hearing from you!



  2. Ethan A. Deeds
    Aug 18, 2011 @ 14:39:57

    Hi Kirsten. My name is Ethan A. Deeds. I happen to be on the computer at work and ran into your website. A couple of interesting things I came across. I have a daughter also named Kirsten (30yr) & a son Ethan Daniel (29yr). I’m 59 and was born in Reading Pa. I wonder if we’re related? My dad’s name was Jerome, also from Reading. Email is: ethan.deeds@snet.net if you’re interested.


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