Pleasant Surprises

The Monday after Thanksgiving is always a bear. While getting two days off during a week always seems like a wondeful gift, what typically ends up happening is that all that work that should have been done on those vacation days just get pushed into the following week.

And so it was for me yesterday. I tried to focus my energies to get as much work done as possible. But by the end of the day there was still one more spreadsheet to complete, one more call to make, one more email to send out. When I finally felt it was safe to call it a night, I knew I’d be rushing home just to be able to get a chance to kiss the kids goodnight.

The overwhelming Mommy Guilt filled me. Not just for the kids, but for Jason. Mondays after Thanksgiving in Pennslyvania are also the beginning of deer hunting, meaning all the kids are off from school. It would be one very long day for Jason as he managed all three kids on his own after an already long weekend. I could only imagine how exhausted he would be and how ready he would be to hand over the kid duty.

Christmas Tree Hands

As I walked through the door, I came into the kitchen to find my dinner waiting patiently in the crockpot on the counter. The kids were happily fed with the boys playing nicely in the living room before seeing me and rushing up to give me hello hugs. Upstairs, I heard Jason singing the ABCs to Keira during her evening bath. On the dining room table, were art projects that Jason had worked with the kids on to give to relatives for Christmas.

I was awestuck. I went upstairs to help Jason in any way I could. I gave Keira a kiss and helped dry her hair before watching Jason comb her hair back into place. He looked over and smiled. “Why don’t you get all changed? Get comfortable, eat some dinner! I’ve got the kids taken care of.”

I walked back downstairs, pulling a beer out of the fridge and laying out my dinner on my plate before sitting down to my meal. Apparently, I had been worried for no reason at all. My kids were all happy. My husband had it all under control.

I found myself silently smiling as I took a bite of chicken. Stay at home dads FTW!


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  1. B.L. Boitson
    Nov 29, 2011 @ 16:11:11

    It’s so great when life takes away your worries – YAY!


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