Mommy’s Travels

It’s travel time once again! For the first time since starting my new job, I’ve been sent on a trip to California. It’s been more than half a year since I last traveled more than a couple hours away from my family. The difference in attitudes in this trip from last year just highlights the changes that have been occurring through the family.

The previous trip, I was a complete wreck with guilt at leaving my baby girl at home while I was traveling outside the country. Not only was I distraught over not being around my kids, the trips meant needing to introduce formula to my 8-month old when the milk we’d stored wasn’t enough to last her. On top of that, my poor husband was on perma-duty with an infant waking through the night on top of his full time job. The boys, in the meantime, were left needing to pick up the pieces while their father managed the life of a single parent for a week.

It was a mess of issues boiling down to one thing: our family just wasn’t ready for mom traveling.

Only one day in to my current trip and already it feels different. As Jason threw my packed bags into the car, there was no stress in leaving Jason home alone with the kids. With him no longer working, all childcare fears were assuaged. There wouldn’t be a last minute crisis of trying to manage a baby schedule and the boys school from behind his office desk on the phone. No, it’s not ideal that Jason goes five days without a break from the kids, but handling the family on a daily basis as a stay at home dad has proven to me that he can handle it.

In addition, traveling brings out the best in the support system of friends, family and neighbors around us. It gives me faith that any crisis that could possibly come up could be dealt with. My sister watching the monitor while Jason takes me to the airport, a neighbor giving Ethan a ride to his baseball game, or encouraging words from friends – all little things that much it that much easier.

So this round of travel, I can miss my family peacefully, knowing I’ll be seeing them soon and without the stress. Monday morning, I will walk through those conference doors calm, collected and confident. I am a traveling, working mother. And we are making it work.


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