The Baby Weight

I’ve been staring at the boxes in my closet for over a year now. Those carefully marked boxes of pre-pregnancy clothes. At first, I was kind to myself. I went out and I bought exactly two pairs of pants in a larger size so I could go back to work – secretly hating myself for being 2 pant sizes larger than my pre-pregnancy weight.

I started out with the idea that I should lose the weight slowly, scared that any dieting would have an adverse effect on breastfeeding. I promised I would lose the baby weight by my birthday, then Christmas, then Keira’s first birthday… Before I knew it, that year had passed and I was still carrying around 15 pounds of weight from a pregnancy long past.

I stared at my closet of poorly fitting close and the boxes up high that I still didn’t fit into. I wondered to myself time and again: At what point do I just give up and buy bigger clothes? Slowly I was convincing myself that my body was already “ruined” by age, by “letting it go”, by waiting too long to lose weight. And with managing a career, a marriage and three kids, I just couldn’t convince myself that I had time to devote to making my body a priority. To be fair, I wasn’t asking to be a size 2. I wasn’t asking to lose 50 pounds. I just wanted to have my body back.

And just when I was ready to give up and go on my shopping spree, my sister-in-law posted a picture of herself on vacation: sporting a brand new bikini and 55 pounds lighter than the last time I saw her.

Okay, I admit. My first reaction was wanting to punch her.

Once I got over myself, I really stopped to think about how great it was that she was able to lose that sort of weight. She has her own career, marriage and two kids, so why couldn’t I do that very same thing? Every road block I threw up as reasons why I just can’t lose weight, her one picture destroyed.

Well, alright, Amy! Game On!

“Enjoyment, Motivation, Focus and Determination.”


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Amy Deeds Robinson
    Sep 01, 2011 @ 09:52:02

    I love you!!! I know you can do it!!!! You have a wonderful supportive family. Just remember to celebrate the small and large victories and look at the ones that aren’t as a challenge. You don’t want to join me in the looney bin. xoxoxo


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