Family Vacations: A Pause

Family life and working life. Always contradictory. Always bustling. Always jumping from one thing to the next. Quickly out of bed. Quick, get coffee. Onto commute. Work hard. Back home to watch little league. Work out. Make dinner. Put kids to bed. Fight kids to bed. Get some laundry before collapsing into bed, exhausted. Day in, day out.

Sometime you need a pause.

I thought getting that pause meant separating myself from my family. What I found was that getting away with the family, just for a couple of days, can be just the medicine needed to refuel and restart your engines. Not to mention, reconnect with your family.

Eyes on the road!

We took the kids off to a trip near the Potomac River to visit my uncle’s cabin. It isn’t a fancy place but that made it so much better. No computer to distract us from each other. No TVs, no video games, no park near by, no rollerrinks, no bowling alleys. But with that were no errands, no bills to be paid, no gym, and no laundry. Just family by the water.

Playtime in the Sand

Playing Halo in a dark living room was replaced by water tubing in the bay. Keira’s many electronic toys were replaced by a swim and building sand castles in the sand. Anthony and I took turns burying Keira’s feet in the sand while she kicked and giggled. While tubing with Ethan, he cried out “don’t fall off, Mommy!” Reminding me of the little boy who used to stand in his shoes.

With the chaos of life, sometimes it feels like “simple” is something of the past. But putting the pause button on life reminds you that it doesn’t always have to be that way.

Boat ride by twilight


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