Handing Over the Reins

Being a stay at home parent is hard. I get that. But the other side of the coin is being a type-A working mother and giving over control of the household to your stay at home husband is also hard!!

For years, I’ve been the one in charge of the calendar. I decide when we’re going out with friends or when we’re spending the day cleaning. I would do meal planning and even if Jason was the one cooking it, I’d tab the recipes he’d need and spell out which cookbooks to use in a neat excel spreadsheet.

For family trips, I’d make a packing list for everyone in the family. Everyone had their own spreadsheet to use while organizing up their items, and type-A mom would go through and make sure that everything was there. Then I would neatly fold everybody’s item in such a perfect little way so that nothing was squished to leak, nothing was missing, nothing was wrinkled.

*Insert child #3, stage right*

*Insert demanding job with long commute, stage left*

*Enter our here – Mr. SAHD to save the day*

As we prepared for our trip down to Virginia this week, I didn’t make a peep to the kids on what to pack. I let Jason take the lead. He got the kids packed up, made the list of the “extras” and then asked me if there was something else I could think of. “Nope, hunny. You got it.”

As I was dumping my clothes into a clothes basket last night, Jason looked at me blankly, “Do you want me to get the luggage?”

“No, that’s ok – I’ll let you pack everything up.”

*Cue Jason’s blank stare* “Whoa, hold up. Mrs. Packing Queen is giving up the packing!?!”

I shrugged and moved along. Granted, I probably could rock that packing job. Everything would be packed in just the right spot and I would be triple sure there wasn’t anything missing. But at what cost? Staying up until 1am the night before we leave? Telling my husband that he can’t handle the task? No, I have faith that my husband can handle running the household.

Jason, I’m handing over the reins.



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