Snapshot of Life: Date with my Boys

I promised my kids their date. I had delayed it weeks, trying to catch up on life after working long hours. But I had started to feel guilty that the boys just weren’t getting their due time. So, I planned a secret date. With Jason working the weekend, I roped my sister into watching baby Keira. She was looking forward to getting some Auntie time. I piled the boys into my car and drove off.

“Where are we going, Mom?”

“It’s a surprise.”

The entire way, the boys guessed where we were going, all judging by which way the car was traveling. “We’re going to church! Wait, no… Starbucks. Really, Mom – Starbucks??”

“Surprise!” I answered sarcastically and onward I drove.

I pulled into the roller rink and instantly the boys lit up. “Roller-skating!!!!!!!!!” and we giggled as we poured out of the car and raced into the building. We walked up to the booth to inquire on pricing.

“Oh, well… we’re closing in 8 minutes.” Crap. I totally forgot to call ahead and find out their hours. “But we’re opening again in about an hour.” Whew!

I turned to the boys and smiled, “I guess we’ll just have to go get lunch.” What a great time to sit and talk and catch up with each other. We were able to talk about their friends at school, how they’re enjoying being big brothers and why they personally thought that they should eat more “healthily”, as they ordered their milkshakes. After an hour had passed, we headed back to the roller rink.

Ready to Roll

The boys clipped on their rollerblades as I laced up my rollerskates. They watched intently as kids younger than them did spins on the floor. “Wow! That kid is good.” I twitched nervously. My boys had been rollerskating only once or twice before and never rollerblading. Was this really a good idea…?

They got onto the floor and BOOM! Down on the ground they both went. Well, I guess this isn’t going to be a completely leisurely stroll. Anthony went on, taking the theory that if he just moved as fast as possible, he’d be too fast to fall down. I helped Ethan back up and tried to scoot him along, holding his hand or arm if he faltered. Eventually, he gained his confidence and went on without me.

BOOM! I skated to the side and looked back. He was laughing! “Oh man, this is going to leave a BRUISE!” I smiled and continued on.

After an hour of skating around, I was worn out. I don’t remember skating taking this much energy as a teenager! I sat down on the bench and watched them continue to skate and do the limbo on the roller rink floor. Eventually, they both were worn out, too – just in time for us to leave to relieve my sister of her baby sitting duties.

“Thanks for taking us rollerskating, Mom,” Anthony said on the drive home.

“Yeah – that was a lot of fun!!” Ethan added, as he rubbed his bruised knees.


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  1. Sara
    Mar 12, 2011 @ 11:17:00

    Sounds lovely!


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