Saturday  morning, I pulled myself out of bed and stumbled off to the coffee pot. After taking a couple sips in preparation of heading into work, I  heard Keira mumbling in her bed as she began to wake up. I took a couple more sips and headed up to her bedroom to pick her up as Jason had already jumped into the shower. As I set her down on the changing table, I blinked as I fought my mind to think about the next step… and paused… When was the last time I did this???

Playtime before Bed

You see, I’ve been working long days and weekends these last couple weeks. I rarely saw Keira before I left for work and was lucky if I made it home before she went off to bed. My moments with my baby girl consisted of the 3am feedings when she’d finally get a chance to see me and would refuse to go back to sleep. Her mommy was home! It’s time to play!!

The boys reacted much the same way. Sometimes I would get up to an hour with them before they went off to bed. I was worn out and just needed a glass of wine before retiring to bed. They’d be jumping off the walls, excited to tell me about their day and what happened at recess. They’d talk over each other, or me, or on going… and eventually I’d snap at them in my exhaustion as they went off to bed. I’d then sulk up to bed feeling guilty that the only moment I had spent with them was spent snapping or arguing. I’d vow to myself to have more patience with them the next day but the long hours at work left me feeling too frazzled to tap into my patience.

As my busy season now draws to close and I begin to come home at a more reasonable hour, I think about how I can reconnect with my family. It’s still overwhelming to come home at night as they are filled with their excitement of me finally being around at dinner time. And I am still utterly drained. With a baby screaming to be held by me and only me and two boys jumping around, screaming, laughing, tackling me, it gets to be rather overwhelming real quick.

So, I set dates with my children. Sunday morning, as the boys are off to church with Nana, Keira and I will do nothing but play and dance together. No laundry. No cooking. Nothing but mommy and me time. For the boys, they’ve given them an assignment to come up with a “date”, spent with me alone. I’ve given them a $20 budget and a 3 hour time line and let them decide how they would like to spend that undivided time with me. My hope is reconnecting with each of them individually will give us both a chance to readjust to having mom around. Less overwhelming for Mommy and more fulfilling for each of them.

And can’t forget about Mommy. I’ll be investing in myself with a lovely massage to re-energize me back into my Mommy World.

As for my loving husband who’s supported me through these long days, well… that’s another post entirely.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jules
    Feb 03, 2011 @ 12:39:07

    I think you and I have the most similar work/home life out of everybody I know. Ironically, I’m doing much of the same things that you’re doing…just bought a spa package off of groupon, and also I’ve made myself (and the kids) a promise that, once I get home, the computer stays closed until the next day, and when I get home is when I focus just on them. I usually get a couple of hours with them, and also on the weekends I’ll have times set apart just for them. Juggling is tough, but worth it!


  2. Brenda Boitson
    Feb 03, 2011 @ 13:01:08

    You’re almost there 🙂


  3. Jenny Hamilton
    Feb 03, 2011 @ 19:37:11

    This really spoke to me. I am coming off of a 5 day trip away from home, and I have been working a lot of hours lately. Thanks for voicing these issues in an honest and unapologetic way.


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