Time Capsule #3

Part 3 of the boys time capsule:

The Questions then dad’s response in RED!

Question 1: List your top five favorite bands or musicians.

Anthony’s Answers:                         Ethan’s Answers:

1. Beastie Boys                                    1. Black Eyed Peas
2. BonJovi                                           2. The Rakish Rogues
3. Linkin Park                                   3. Taylor Swift
4. Red Hot Chili Peppers                 4. Ashlie Simpson
5. Black Eyed Peas                          5. Riders in the Sky

Anthony: 1. I don’t think their CD come in clean versions, but I might down load some songs for you. 2. OMG seriously I think we have heard “Slippery When Wet” about a billion times already dude!!! 3. Linkin Park is our Pre-sports event music, gets up pumped up. Good work out music and writing music. 4. One day you too can play bass like Flea I just hope you are doing while wearing more than a sock 5. BEP are totally your mom’s influence but they do have some great drum tracks and good production value.

Ethan: 1. See number 5 for you brother. 2. Great sing along songs. I’m just waiting till you finally understand the hidden themes. 3. Just cause you think she’s cute doesn’t make her music good. (just saying). 4. Where is my Ten Foot Pole?? Nevermind make it 50! 5. I don’t even know who they are… (insert quick Google search.) uhmm okay o-O.

Question 2: List your three or four least favorite bands or musicians.  

Anthony’s Answers:                         Ethan’s Answers:

1. Ethan Singing                                1. Bon Jovi
2. Taylor Swift                                  2. Elvis
3. 50’s and 60’s                                3. Red Rover
4. Micheal Jackson

Anthony: 1. Don’t slam your bro at least he dares to sing and sings out load. Although I will agree he needs a larger repertory. 2. Yeah um talk to Ethan, and bring your Nerf sword. 3. What’s up with that? Sunday rides to church in the car with Nana? 4. I don’t even know where you would have heard any of his music.

Ethan: 1. Totally understand dude. I see some ear plugs in your future. 2. Really? You love to shake your hips though. Don’t tell Nana this or she might not buy you old-fashioned doughnuts anymore. 3. Do they still play this at school?

Question 3: List the three next CD’s you’d like to buy.

Anthony’s Answers:                         Ethan’s Answers:

1. Beastie Boys                                    1. Riders in the Sky
2. Linkin Park                                     2. Smashing Pumpkins
3. Red Hot Chili Pepers                   3. Black Eyed Peas

Boys – I think we have all thes in my collections.

Question 4: List your top three favorite TV shows.
Anthony’s Answers:                              Ethan’s Answers:
1. Adventure Time                          1. Doctor Who
2. Doctor Who                                 2. Sponge Bob
3. I-Carly                                           3. Pokemon

Anthony: 1. You know I’m not a fan of you watching this show. Change the channel BBC, Discovery, History, anything else. 2. One of the best show EVER! 3. Should we call it ” I ❤ Carly” or was it Sam you had a crush on. 😛

Ethan: 1. It’s fun to hear you and Anthony running around the house playing Cyberman Vs. Dalek. 2. I’m ready I’m ready 3. I’m lucky that I’ve never been home when you wanted to watch this “show.”

Question 5: List your top three favorite movies.

Anthony’s Answers:                         Ethan’s Answers:

1. Avatar                                              1. Star Wars VI
2. Edward Scissorhands                2. Megamind
3. Wallace and Gromit                   3. The Lighting Theif

Anthony: 1. Well yeah but I still think it was 10x better in the theaters then on our home TV. 2. Possible one of the best movies ever. 3. I’ve only see the curse of the Ware Rabbit and it was very good.

Ethan: 1. I love that fact that you like this better than 1-3. Shows you have a good eye for film. 2. I’m thinking you like this because it was the most recent film you saw at the theater. 3. Great book series, the movie doesn’t really do the book justice, but as a popcorn kind of flick it’s good.

Question 6: List your top three movies you want to see.  

Anthony’s Answers:                         Ethan’s Answers:

1. Family Guy Star Wars                 1. Ghost Rider
2. Transformers                                    2. Transformers 2

Anthony: 1. Not going to happen for a while kido. 2. We could talk about this.

Ethan: 1. The movie is blah, the themes are a little much just yet. If you are looking for scary movie maybe Alien. 2. Both you and Anthony want to see this so maybe we’ll talk. We do own it.

Question 7: What are you looking forward to in 2011?

Anthony’s Answers:                         Ethan’s Answers:  

1.Halloween                                   1. Anthony’s First Date
2. Keria’s 1st Birthday                2. Dad becoming a Stay at Home Dad
3. The Man Cave                           3.  48 inches of snow

Anthony: 1. ALWAYS my favorite time of year. This year we are talking about having a party too. 2. This will be a blast, make sure to take pictures so you can show her when you are older and doesn’t remember it. 3. This may or may not happen in 2011, but it will 100% be started.

Ethan: 1. Who say’s he gets to date!  You only want to tease him about it. 2. We can only hope. 3. That would rock! sledding, snow forts, watching shovel the side walks.

Question 8: Dream Car.
Anthony’s Answers:                         Ethan’s Answers:

1. 1963 Ford Falcon                         1. 2010 Mazda 3

Anthony: This is one of my dream cars as well. It would be fun to rebuild it and then drive it across country. I think we would be required to buy the convertible version.

Ethan: This is a very reasonable car. If you save your money maybe within you price range when you turn 16.

Question 9: Car you wouldn’t want to be seen driving.  

Anthony’s Answers:                         Ethan’s Answers:

1. Minivan                                            1. Mini Cooper

Anthony: I’m 100% with you, but if we end up getting one, guess who’s likely to drive it as their first car. (hands you a mirror)

Ethan: Not sure why you dis-like this car. It’s fun little car to drive, although for guys mine and Papa’s size it make us look like we are getting out of a clown car.


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