Baby Milestones and the Working Mom

I was sitting in an all-day meeting when I saw that Jason was calling my cellphone for the third time. I started to get antsy. Was something wrong at home? Did the boys get in trouble? Did I forget something at home? Finally, I snuck my cell phone under the table to text Jason, “What’s up??? I’m in a meeting.”

“Your daughter just took 5 crawling steps!”

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaa! I silently beamed with pride that my daughter had gone to the next step of her babyhood: mobility. My second thought: Oh crap. The house isn’t baby proofed. And then the third thought: We need to go buy baby gates!

What surprised me is the thought that never even went through my mind: “Oh no… I missed it.”

When I first went back to work, I had adamantly told Jason that I didn’t want him to ever tell me when Keira says her first word, walks, crawls, does something cute… I didn’t want to feel the mommy guilt of missing out on those major milestones. My theory was, if no one tells me it happened, it didn’t happen. And instead I would be content to experience these little milestones when I was home with her.

Somehow, that idea went out the window. I’m constantly getting messages and pictures during the day to find what new “tricks” Keira has learned. Crawling. Saying “Nana”. Eating fresh bananas. Learning that Keira has “helped” with laundry by pulling them off hangers and trying to eat her pajamas. Instead of the mommy guilt I thought I’d feel, it’s those little texts that get me through a rough day. It’s those cute moments that remind me of the precious moments I have waiting for me when I walk through the door.

Okay. So I missed out on the first crawl. But that’s okay. She hasn’t stopped crawling since and I’m not missing a moment while I’m with her!


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