Time Capsule #2

So, this time we had several questions for the boys for their time capsule:

Dad’s comments in red.

Question 1: List your top five favorite foods.

Anthony’s Answers:                         Ethan’s Answers:

1. Dad’s General Tso Chicken        1. Mom’s Mini Meat loafs
2. Homemade Pizzas                       2. Crab
3. Waffles                                           3. Lobster
4. Steak                                              4. Salmon
5. Bacon grease Pancakes             5. Steak

Anthony: 1. Spicy goodness.  2. We need to do this more often.  3. Only if your Nana makes the batter.  4. A boy after my own Heart.  5. You’ve had them ONCE. They must have been good.  Ethan: 1. So Greasy but so good.  2 -4. Not a seafood lover myself but with Nana as your influence, I can see why you love them.  5. You really are a protein kind of kid aren’t ya.

Question 2: Top Five Least favorite foods.

Anthony’s Answers                           Ethan’s Answers:

1. Spinach                                             1. Christmas Salad
2. Brussels Sprouts                           2. Blueberry Muffins
3. Peach A’s Baby bites                    3. Calamari
4. Honey Syrup                                 4. Stuff Crusted Pizza (the crust)
5. Seafood                                           5. Sushi

Anthony: 1. It grows on you. No, I mean it literally.  2. I love them now, hated them at your age. 3. They are for the BABY, stop eating her food.  4. Why? it’s soooo good.  5. High five on that one. Ethan:  1. I think it’s the Gorgonzola you don’t like.  2. Is it the muffin or the blueberry? 3. There is a cooked seafood you wont eat!?  4. We aren’t even going to talk about this (shun).  5. I think you don’t like the idea of it being raw.

Question 3:  What do you want to do in the year 2011?

Anthony’s Answers                           Ethan’s Answers:

1. Laser dome                                         1. Go to California
2. Water area at Hershey Park          2. Go to Disneyworld
3. Taekwondo                                        3. Build the Lego Death-star
4. Fencing                                              4. Play Soccer on a team
5. Buy an upgraded bike                   5. Learn to make Meatloaf

Anthony: 1. No problem.  2. I think we can do that. Game on!  3. Let me talk to your mother.  4. We’ve talked about this; you sign up for fencing, you sign up for Latin dance classes.  5. You can buy whatever you want with your own money.  Ethan: 1. It is not likely – have you seen airfares? Now times that by 5.  2. Maybe when Keira is two or three.  3. Now that’s what I’m talking about.  4. I think we can do that.  5. We can do that next week!

Question 4: What are you New Year’s Resolutions?

Anthony’s Answers                           Ethan’s Answers:

1. Eat Healthier                                   1. Be active every day
2. Get better grades                          2. Help shovel snow until finished
3. Exercise more                                3. Be nicer to my pets

Anthony: 1. No doubt, both of us, but it means no more Willow Street doughnuts.  2. Dude, how much better can you get? A++?  3. Couch to 5K with me.  Ethan: 1. Little dude, if you were any more active, you would put the pink drumming bunny to shame.  2. I’m totally down with that one. I’ll even make hot cocoa.  3. While this is good, I’ve never seen you be bad to any of them. Al, your cat, is just rude no mater how you treat him.

Question 5: What charity would you like to help this year?

Anthony’s Answers                           Ethan’s Answers:

1. Help others study                                      1. Send money to Africa
2. Volunteer to help                                      2.  Send money to Sea Shepherds
middle school teachers
3. Offer my lunch to those who                 3. Volunteer at a homeless shelter
forget their lunch

Anthony: 1. This is a great one.  2. I didn’t even know that was an option. Go for it!  3. Just make sure you eat, too. I did this, too. I paid for a friend’s lunch during high school for nearly an entire year.  Ethan: 1. I think you were talking about the Water program. I’m all for giving.  2. Where exactly are you getting all this cash? Remember, sometimes it’s good to make people aware of charities, too. 3. We are sooooo going to do this, little man.


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