Goodbye 2010

2010 was a magical year in the world of Domestic Deeds. It was the first year that the boys called us “Mom” and “Dad” for an entire year, knowing they were legally ours. It was the first year that we celebrated Mother’s and Father’s Day without any disclaimers. It was the first year that we experienced life with a baby. It was the first year where being awake at 2am was not because we were partying but rather because we were sleepily tending to a screaming baby.

Last year, as we prepared for the new year of 2010, Keira was only a tiny kicking presence in my belly and the four of us were still on a high from the completion of the adoption after years of waiting.

Christmas 2009

With the birth of Keira in 2010, our family was complete. A wonderful family of five with two crazy boys and an energetic baby girl to help balance us out. In this year, I’ve watched my little boys slowly turn into the young men of Anthony and Ethan, ready to claim their independence in opinions and fashion. And with each new day, I see Keira make strides to become her own little person.

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010

It’s not just the kids that have grown through 2010. With a new baby and balancing the lives of three children, two grandparents and an aunt all under one roof, we’ve finally grown into our title as “parents”. It was easy to fake our way through the motions of trying to be good parents when you have two older children to help show you the road and teach you along the way. Darling Keira has given us a crash course in parenting and the boys a crash course in being good big brothers.


Spoiled Children 2010

2010, you’ve given me my perfect little family.

2011, may you continue to give us joy and love as we watch our little ones grow and our roles as parents blossom.



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