Kirsten and Jason’s Story

I found this post I wrote for Kirsten and my wedding website which I thought after the website went away was lost. Today is a great day to share where our love started. So if you don’t know “The Story of Us” here it is. If you do, you might laugh even more.

The Story of Us

Written in Spring of 2004

How It All Started

It was the summer of 1996 and I was getting ready to start my senior year at Patrick Henry High School. The summer had been lively but I was now ready to get back the daily routine of school – and all this Started with Band Camp. Yes, I met my future wife at marching band. So yes, I can say “this one time at band camp….” When I first meet Kirsten, she was one of the incoming freshmen and I was one of the old timers – you know the ones that stand in the back of the line up and make faces at the new kids.

The first time we every spoke to each other was at a “Band Party”. The party was pretty usual for us, some people got thrown in the pool, some were attempting to throw others in, and I was off in my own little world hanging out by the spa. Out of all the people there Kirsten, who appeared to be a bright bubbly hyper girl, came up to me and asked if I was doing okay because she noticed that I was alone. To be honest, that was the moment I fell in love with her – true compassion with out looking for some kind of benefit. We talked for awhile while the party continued

As I consumed myself with college application processes, running two of my own companies and the working in theatre department at Patrick Henry, time flew by. Kirsten and I shared two classes together that year. We had band first thing in the morning (which, I will admit, I only remember being awake for half of) and 2nd year French. Even with my time being so occupied by many other things, we grew to be great friends in French class. She started out sitting behind me. We would pass notes back and forth via her shoe kicking me. I still don’t know how Madame Stout never noticed. By October she was sitting next to me. As she told me about her many “boy” problems, I came to love just talking to her. She made me laugh and kept my spirits up when theatre was driving me nuts.

By December, I had found out I was accepted to NYU. I finally got my dream of living in New York City. Up to this point in my life I had never had a girlfriend, although I had many friends that were girls who used to kill my ears with their many boyfriend problems. So being as I knew that come August I was moving to NYC, I resolved myself not to grow attached to anyone. (Yeah, that worked well.)

The Beginning of a Relationship

One night I had been working late at the theatre building sets and I remember Madame Stout was having a meeting about the German exchange students. I thought it would be cool to host a student, and I knew Kirsten would be there, so I figured I would stop by and say hello. When I got there, they were talking not only about hosting, but traveling to Germany with the school that summer. At this point in my life I had never been in another country, not even Mexico. I went home that night and asked about hosting a student. My parents had no problems with that. Later I casually noted that some of the kids were also going to Germany for a month that summer and that I thought it was cool. My dad looked at me and asked if I wanted to go. I said sure, it would be cool but I didn’t know if they would let me. They shocked me by saying that if I really wanted to go they thought it would be a good experience and that I should go. My jaw hit the ground and the next day I was telling Kirsten that I was going, only to find out she would be traveling with the group as well.

Several months later I found myself at the San Diego international airport at 5:30 the day after graduation, getting ready to board a plane for Germany. This was my first time this far away from home but having the other kids there really helped. Kirsten and I even passed her journal back and forth on the plane because she was sitting behind me, just like in French class. We were to spend 2 weeks in Düsseldorf, week in Paris, and a week in Berlin

As we were in Germany, Kirsten’s and my friendship kept growing and we would meet up and hang out with each other. Then one night, when were all supposed to meet up, I messed up and told her that we would meet her on the next train. It turned out we were taking the trolley, not the train and I got all mixed up. I felt so horrible that I got her all mixed up and I couldn’t get the idea of her standing out on the platform waiting for me and me never appearing out of my head. The rest of the night, I started to realize how much having her around affected my mood. It was then I started to realize I didn’t want to spend time without having her around.

The First Kiss

Kirsten did end up forgiving me, although she still sometimes brings up that she waited there for a man that never showed up. On our one week trip to Paris, it rained nearly everyday and I was in such a sour mood cause I had a cold and was having headaches. Kirsten was hanging out in the boys’ room at the hostile. She was reading a Stephen King book on my bunk listening to music when I came in. Andreas went to go take a shower and Robert was reading some novel at the time. I climbed up on the bunk and started talking Kirsten about my head killing me. She let me lay my head in her lap while she read her book to see if I could relax a little. What came next and what I did I will never understand except that my mind knew I had to. Somewhere in my soul I knew if I didn’t kiss her right now I would never kiss her again. I reached up with both hands moved the book out of the way placed my hands on her cheeks pulling her face to mine and kissed her full red lips.

I’ve never felt anything like that moment of my life. I knew I was in love, but as all young men, I didn’t understand it. It was only one kiss. We didn’t talk about it much and we all went to bed that night and I was left to my hated rationality. I kept thinking about college and the age difference and such. The next week in Paris, Kirsten and I were fused at the hip. We spent all our extra time attempting to figure out if this thing could work. Finally on the train ride back to our host town as we were pulling into the station I asked Kirsten “So are we dating?” as she was standing in front of my seat. At the very moment, God sent me a sign – the train jolted to a stop at the station and Kirsten’s knee fell squarely between my legs, leaving me breathless and in much pain. Yes she kneed me and I knew it was love.


Now nearly 7 years and several cross country moves later, we are living happily in PA. Although we have been together for so long, each morning when I wake up to her beautiful face, as she’s kicking me, pinching me, forgetting to turn off the alarm, or whispering in my ear the word “forever”, I think to myself, I love this woman. It’s been a long journey for us to reach this point, and this is only a staging point for the longer journey ahead of us. Soon Kirsten and I will be joined as Husband and Wife, and our worlds will become one as our story already has.


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  1. Jessica
    Dec 26, 2010 @ 12:25:01

    So sweet!!


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