I’ve been looking at pictures of Anthony and Ethan from the time we moved out here till just recently. Those two boys are growing WAY to fast. I feel like I need to take a picture of them everyday just to keep up with the changes. With all the craziness that is our life lately I’ve decided to take some time aside and make sure to get in some good pictures of the kids. The dishes in the sink, the clothes in the wash, the unsorted boxes in the basement can all wait an extra hour. I need pictures of my kids before they are no longer kids.

Finding the time is the problem. If I’m home in the morning then they are at school, if I’m home at night they are usually taking care of their homework or outside playing while I take care of the baby. I NEED to make this happen. Keira has tons of pictures. 1. she’s a baby, cute as can be. 2. Taking a picture of her is like shooting fish in a barrel (yes I did just use that age-old saying.) I think I need to break out the camera gear it all set so I can just take it on the fly. Get pictures of the kids all the time before they are too old to want to go on a shoot with their old man.

One of the hardest parts for me is I love pictures in my hands, with the wave of digital they tend to stay on the sim card or on the computer. I was thinking each year we need to create a print book either for the entire family or one for each child. That way we can see how our life is changing. This year in particular would be very interesting. We could load an entire section of the images Kirsten took while preggers. I think I need to make “The Deeds family album 2010 a priority.


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