The Best Laid Plans…

I admit, I was pretty worked up over my business travel this past week. The boys were over 7 years old the very first time I traveled on business since the moment we started raising them. I’d never left a baby at home, especially knowing she was completely dependent on me as her food source.

So, I had created a plan. I took off work for a half day before my trip to get that extra bit of time to spend it with my family. Then I arranged for the entire family to meet me down at my conference in Washington D.C. for some family time! We had gone to D.C. last just before I had gotten pregnant with Keira. I envisioned us all standing in front of the capital building again for a family picture – this time with baby Keira. For me, it was the perfect idea to reconnect after being separated from the family.

Family D.C. Trip - 2009

But things never go as planned, do they?

The family ended up arriving in my hotel a day earlier than planned as I found myself with with two double beds instead of a lone queen. After Jason had woken up many times with the baby the first night I was gone, I figured he could appreciate handing over the night time duty a day earlier. Plus, the family would be well rested for us to get to the fun the next day instead of being tired from travel.

Thursday afternoon, my conference was over and we checked into the  family hotel just as they were allowing check ins. We unpacked into the drawers and decided to explore the hotel, especially the pool. What we found was the hotel wasn’t as big as we expected and the pool was actually outside… and closed for the season. Bummer. So, we headed back up to the room to start debating where to go for dinner and what attractions we could sneak in.

Almost immediately after returning to the room, Anthony rushes into the bathroom, getting sick all over (oh yes, all over) the bathroom. Uh oh. Was it something he ate? We felt his head – no fever – and pulled out the sleeper sofa for him to rest. After repeated runs to the bathroom, we determined that there would be no trips out to D.C. tonight. Jason went off to get soup for Anthony and dinner for the rest of the family and we spent the evening watching bad family movies. We considered just going home but Anthony would have never made it home without “kissing” the sickie bags.

The next morning, Anthony said he felt much better. Whew! Poor boy must have just ate something that didn’t agree with him. We got everyone ready and breakfast was eaten. We determined that Jason had forgotten Keira’s jacket (It’s not his fault that he doesn’t know where her clothes is when I’m the one in charge of the laundry!!). So, we headed off to BabiesRUs to purchase a baby coat. After only walking around for five minutes, Anthony doubles over, clutching his stomach. Jason looks at me, “We can’t do this to Anthony.” And we resign ourselves to the realization that this D.C. trip just isn’t going to turn out.

As we pack up the hotel room, Anthony laid on the hotel couch, apologizing over and over again between tears, “I’m so sorry, guys! I’m so sorry.” Poor kid.

Poor Sick Anthony

Wouldn’t you know it… an hour into our ride back home and Anthony is feeling totally fine. Even after bringing in all the luggage into the house. “Sorry that we had to cancel the trip,” he said. Just before he ran outside to play with the neighbors.


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