Mama’s Trying to get on the Road!

The day before I leave for my work trip, I woke to a baby touching my face and singing “da da da da da da…” She’s a little confused on who she’s talking to but I can’t help but snuggle and kiss her! She had just gone through a night where she woke up 8 times and had finally been pulled into Mom and Dad’s bed somewhere around 5am.

Up and at ’em! I had a full day of trying to get laundry done, pack my bag and get some work done. But by noon, I was seriously trying to juggle if I should be getting work done or spending time with the kids one last time before leaving for my trip. Turns out, neither won. And even now, I’m having a hard time remembering how that time flew by except to say lots of laundry was done, a baby was taken care of and a trip to Target was made to pick up last minute items.

By 10:30pm, not a single item had made it into my suitcase as I spent the evening putting away tons and tons of clothes before I could make headway on my packing. Finally, by midnight and after a couple beers, I had packed all my clothes and given up on packing anything else. I braced myself for Keira waking up through out the night…

… But I was pleasantly surprised when she woke me up for the first time at 5:30am. I took care of her, put her back to bed, grabbed my cheetah print slippers and went downstairs to get some work done before the kids woke up and destroyed the morning calm. Only college students and moms would swing these hours!

By 10am, I was wandering the house wondering what else was to be done. Baby was napping. Boys were happily playing video games in the living room. Everything else seemed done and in order. But by 11:00, I was in full freak out mode. Bag wasn’t completely packed for my noon departure. Lunch wasn’t made for the boys, baby didn’t have her bananas. I was struggling to figure out how in the world I was going to make it out on time. And with the fun of packing to store milk for Keira, I was overwhelmed that I couldn’t fit everything into my typical one medium size luggage bag.

Somehow, I made it out on time. I called up the stairs to the boys. Ethan whimpered that he’d miss me. Anthony ran around the house, locking the doors so I couldn’t leave. But as soon as I gave them a hug and kiss, they were backing running upstairs to their legos. I gave Keira a hug and kiss, but all she could see was that Jason was fixing her up bananas and that was all she’d see. From Jason, I received a quick kiss as well because obviously, there were bananas to be made up for Keira.

So, out the door I walked. Uneventfully. Just like it was any other day.


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