Daddy Duty

Starting tomorrow, I will be on Daddy Duty full-time. This will be Kirsten’s first trip out-of-town since Keira was born. Baby Keira and the Boys will be without their mommy Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and half of Thursday. On Thursday, I’ll be packing up the kids and all their stuff for two days down in D.C..= This will be interesting a three-hour car ride with the boys and Keira. I think when I hit the hotel I’m going to be taking a nap while mommy takes the boys and Keira to the pool.

To top it off, I didn’t really realize I work Monday night until 11pm and Tuesday morning at 6:30am. So I’m scheduled to only get 5 hours of sleep anyway, add to that a teething baby, I might as well stay up all night. I don’t think I would mind the 24/7 Daddy duty, except at night. I normally get up with Keira anyway, but if she get’s really cranky, mommy feeds her. It will take a lot more effort for me to feed her than mommy. We’ll see how this goes. In truth, it’s our test drive for Kirsten’s big trip in December. Kirsten will be out of the country for just over a week. Then it will be the holidays. Oh, and in January, Kirsten works 60+ hours a week. I don’t think Rogaine will be able to keep up with the amount of hair I will lose in the next three months. 😛

Is it February yet?


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