Travel Time for Mama

Mommy is gearing up for a work trip next week. Sure, I’ve been on many trips since becoming a mom. I lugged my bags through a 10-day Europe trip while 6 months pregnant, leaving our 8 & 9 year old at home. Yet, somehow it just seems so much harder to travel when you have a 6 month old left at home with Daddy.

Every evening, as I’m laying Keira down to sleep, I’m wondering “how will Jason handle this?” As I’m juggling the three kids in the morning, I’m mentally apologizing that soon Jason will be doing it all without any relief from Mommy. This is where our wonderful extended family comes in… Papa with the baby monitor during the evening and Aunt Sarah to help get the kids off to school. I’m amazed that couples can do this all on their own – not to mention the single parents of the world!

But what really has my heart going is the milk situation. Keira and I have been fortunate to keep up 100% breastfeeding since birth. But now, with me traveling, I go through a whole new list of worries. Do I have enough milk stored away? Will Keira have a problem with frozen milk? Will Keira start to want bottles more than Mama? Will using a pump exclusively for an extended time kill my milk supply?? And what about getting the milk HOME to Keira? All that paired with the nagging feeling of being replaceable as others take over in the role of “Mommy” while I’m gone.

Oh, google, how I love thee. I searched every blog and article I could find on traveling “unaccompanied mothers”. I mapped out every break I’d have during my trip to pump. I got extra coolers to carry the milk home. And I sat on the phone with my lactation specialist godmother for an hour, bouncing ideas and getting that extra confidence that everything will be just fine.

Preparing for travel without Keira has been downright painful. But what gets me through it is knowing that as soon as she sees me when the traveling is all done, her face will light up with her huge, beautiful smile.


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  2. Jessica
    Nov 10, 2010 @ 06:41:55

    How did it go with the milk?


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