Finding Purpose

I’m going through a reflective period right now. Joining a group of writers has me thinking about why am I blogging? What’s my purpose here? My first answer to this group of writers was “it’s purely therapeutic”. And I guess that’s true. But the more I think about it, the more I realize that there’s another purpose to this blog: I hope that the insight into our daily life provides readers the chance to reflect in some way. Whether it’s moms trading their birth stories or finding happiness in simple moments, I hope you’re taking away something from my blog.

In that spirit, I’m dedicating the rest of this blog post to other blog posts that have provided ME with the chance to reflect into our domestic life.

  • Single Dad’s Laughing: You just broke your child. Congratulations. Wow. This was an intense blog post for me to read. And after reading it before heading into work, I was able to reflect on all the reasons I’m a bad parent. (Ha! Thanks!) I thought about how often do I just sit and cuddle the boys? How often do I snap without realizing it? How often do I really get a chance to PLAY with my kids? Oy vey. After a day of thinking this through at work, I came home with a new attitude to work towards more positivity in the household. Any day that I feel my blood boiling (like when my son screams “I FEEL LIKE A SLAVE!!!” for cleaning his bedroom….), I think of this post. I take a deep breathe. And I move on.
  • And then along came Sara’s Triggers and Two Year Olds and I came to my senses. Yes, there’s the ideals of how parenting should be and how we want to be. Yet, sometimes we don’t live up to those ideals. As Sara said, “that’s ok sometimes. I’m also a mom who learns and tries to make things better. That is the important part.” Amen, Sara.
  • In the same realm, I came across this Birthday Blunder Blog post (say THAT 5 times fast) today. Yet again, moms make mistakes. What I love about this story is that the mom had already instilled a great value into her kids and in the end, her son gave her that same lesson back to her. Doesn’t matter the little mistakes we make once in a while. Kids are going to end up getting the gist of what we’re trying to teach if we stay consistent. And… it takes a good mommy to be able to put away the pride and apologize to your child when you’ve done wrong.

So a central theme to these blog posts and what I hope you find here on my blog: Parents are never perfect. But what separates the good moms and the bad moms is whether you can admit that to yourself and make it better.


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