Sickie baby

I’ve been fortunate with our baby girl. Ever since even her 4th week of life she’s been a great sleeper, sleeping through the night at the early age of 5 weeks. I was in heaven! I joked “I sleep better now with an infant than I did when I was pregnant.” So when our little girl woke up 6 times in the period of time she usually sleeps perfectly, I knew something was up.

Poor Sick Baby!

At first I blamed teething. Then maybe gas pains. But as the week and many sleepless nights for Mom and Dad went on, I realized baby girl had her first cold. (Huh. Maybe I shouldn’t have let sick Anthony entertain her while I cooked.)

Once we realized that it was a cold, the worry set in. Jason more so than me! Do we need to get some medicine? Does she have a fever? What about the doctor – should we take her in? With the vitamins we were already giving her and the gripe water to help with the gas, Keira was not interested in any sort of medicine that might make her feel better. I don’t blame her!

So who’s staying home with the baby? Rock, paper, scissors. I offered it up – knowing there’d be some early mornings and late nights at work to make up for that time. But I was happy to be there to “Mommy” my baby back to health. I was also hoping to get some rest myself, as I was feeling under the weather from fighting that same cold and a week of sleep deprivation.

Unfortunately, that “rest” thing was not in the cards. Neither was working from home. As a sickie baby, Keira did not want to be set down. Even when she was sleeping, she had to be held. And held upright so the boogies didn’t bother her. No laying down for Mommy. So we spent the day cuddling and nursing (me secretly checking work mail from my phone as I rocked Keira).

Smiling by day's end!

By the evening when Jason returned from work, Keira was starting to feel better. Her nose was still running but she finally started acting less fussy and wasn’t crying continually. It made me so thankful that I could take that time to nurse that baby girl back to health. Even through the baby grumpies, the boogers, the coughs in the face, it’s so nice to have an excuse to do nothing but cuddle your baby girl all day.


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