Splitting the Difference

Having a Keira has become an exercise in learning how to do things one-handed or waiting till she sleeps to accomplish those things that require two hands. In many ways it’s like our entire body and brain are split into two separate and distinct creatures. We have to learn to do everything either with baby attached or while baby sleeps. This morning I started a mental list of tasks that can be accomplished while holding Keira and those that require her to be sleeping. By mentally putting things into one of these two areas, I can quickly move from one list to the other and accomplish more. There are even times that are better for taking her to the store to go shopping. If I take her right when she wakes up, she talks and makes noises the entire time. If I take her about an hour after she eats, she’ll be asleep before I hit the frozen food section.

Things I’ve learned to do one handed:

1. Unload and load the dishwasher
2. Wipe down counters
3. Feed the cats
4. Answer the phone
5. Sort bills
6. Check Email / Weather on internet
7. General Pick up around the house
8. vacuuming (she likes the noise)

Things that require Keira to be sleeping:

1. Taking care of the laundry
2. Writing
3. Showering
4. Getting ready for work
5. Taking the dogs out
6. Cleaning the Fridge
7. Eating!

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