Who is this baby?!?

Unhappy Baby


Two days ago, Jason called me at work, completely frazzled over his day home with Keira. “She’s totally off schedule and has been crying non-stop.” Uh oh. Hearing that my baby was so fussy really got me worked up so I headed home as soon as I could to take over and work my Mommy Magic. 

As soon as I was through the door to see me sweet little girl, Jason handed her over as she smiled and cooed at me. “She certainly doesn’t look cranky to me!”, I teased to Jason. With a glare, Jason headed out the door with Ethan to football practice. 

I took Keira upstairs to feed her, like our usual pattern, and that’s when it all went down hill. As soon as I got her settled onto the Boppy, she started fussing and pinching and smacking me. I kept trying to feed her, thinking maybe it’s a bottle vs. breast thing, but she wasn’t having it. So I tried rocking her to sleep. Nope. Bouncing around. Nope. She just wouldn’t put up with anything! No matter what I did, she cried. Finally, I gave up on soothing or trying to feed her and put her into her new jumper. She played but still complained. It wasn’t until Anthony came in from playing that she finally settled down. He came over to see her and she just stared. He made faces. She just stared. Finally! Mom can get some work done! And I left Anthony to entertain Keira…. Unfortunately, that only lasted so long… 

By the time Jason got home, she was back to her cranky self. Ugh. “Tell you what, I’ll take care of everything before bed. You just focus on Keira.” Unfortunately, doing everything else would have been much easier. Keira just kept trading off between fussing and wailing. Feeding, bouncing, swaying, pacifier…. Still screaming. After about an hour, Jason came up to relieve me. I went downstairs to attack the chocolate and came back up to him putting an asleep Keira in her crib. Ugh! Daddy magic. 

The next day, she was a completely different baby. She communicated when she was hungry. She fussed herself to aleep. And when I went to change her into PJs at night, she giggled non-stop. Finally, I nursed her off to sleep and she fell asleep peacefully until 6:30am. Ahhh…. My baby is back! 


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