Trip to Rehoboth – Part 2

5am in our Dover hotel and I’m awaken by my lovely daughter for “mid-night” feeding. As I’m feeding her, I brainstorm all of the museums we can see since the week of rain has destroyed our beach dreams. After putting Keira back to bed, I check my iPhone for the latest weather reports. OMG. Clear skies! A beautiful 80 degrees!!!! Yes! It’s beach time, baby!

I hop into the bathtub while the family sleeps. (OMG. My first bath in moooonths! Who knew 6am could be so luxurious??) And get dressed for the day. The boys start stirring at 6:30 even with me telling them to go back to bed. Finally, I let them get up at 7 and “gently” wake Jason. Bagels from home for breakfast, a trip to Walmart for towels and we’re on the road!

As we’re heading out-of-town, I wonder in my less-than-caffienated-state if there’s a Starbucks on the way. I check google maps and BAM! It informs us we’re passing the only Starbucks in Dover in one block!! “The angels are smiling down on us, Jason!!” He lightly smirks. He doesn’t know that his life was just spared by the Goddess of Caffeine.

On the road, again. The drive is beautiful. The kids are funny. The baby is happy. PERFECT! We make it into Rehoboth with minimal traffic and find parking only 1/2 a block up from the beach. Jason and the boys look for umbrellas for the beach while I tend to a certain little girl’s poosposion.

We carry the gear to the beach, do a locker-room change on the beach, spray on the sunscreen, and the kids are RUNNING off to the water! I get Keira situated, look at Jason and pout. “Do you want me to watch the baby?” And now *I’m* off and running to the water!

It's nap time!

The entire day was fantastic!! The boys were able to play in the water and build their sand castles. I alternated between sitting with Keira and going out in the water. Keira napped most the time in her diaper. And Jason chilled on the beach and made sure all the food was safe.

Playing in the sand

After changing into our street clothes, we decided to head back home. We were all starting to get a little cranky from skipping lunch and decided to stop at I-Hop on our way out. As we ordered our drinks, our attention was distracted by the weather outside. The beautiful clear skies had turned to stormy clouds. The sky opened up and suddenly it was raining buckets outside! I turned to Jason, “Yup, definitely angels watching out for us today!”

Beautiful Babies


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