The Witching Hour

Every baby has their Witching Hour – that hour (or two) where the baby is completely not themselves and tends to cry for no apparent reason.

Early on we discovered that Keira had her Witching Hour, like clockwork, from 8pm until whenever she’d fall asleep. I thought we were lucky! No meltdown for the babysitter or nanny. And most the time, if Keira was in my arms, she’d be perfectly happy. Unfortunately, this happiness quickly ends as soon as I put her down (even for a diaper change) or hand her over to anyone else.

This seems to be bringing its own problems upon the rest of the family. With the boys’ football practices lasting 6 – 8pm every night, it’s been a rush to get the boys out to football and then rush home before Keira starts her meltdown. Then, for an hour or two, I am trapped holding her. No doing dishes. No cleaning. No trying to make lunches for tomorrow. By the time she’s asleep, it’s 10pm and I am just DONE for the day.

It’s also been hard on Jason. Of course it makes Jason feel bad that he can’t console his daughter as quickly as just plopping her in my arms. And date night? Forget it. Jason and I have had a whole 2 hours of time out alone, and that was only because it was our anniversary (and a month late). I just can’t imagine trying to leave her at home knowing she’s going to be inconsolable if I’m gone past 8pm. I can’t do that to her and I can’t do that to whoever I get to watch her.

I can’t help but feel like I’ve done something wrong somehow. It should be a good thing that Keira finds such comfort in my arms. So why does it make me feel so horrible that I can’t put her down or give her to someone else to hold?? How do other parents deal with the Witching Hour???


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