Mr. Deeds (and Family) Go to Rehoboth – Part 1

You may have noticed that this blog got pretty quiet. We went on vacation! Well…. Mostly a staycation with a day trip to Clearfield, PA/Parker Dam and a day trip to Rehoboth, DE. Since we’ve already talked about Clearfield, this blog is for the Rehoboth trip….

None of us have ever been to Delaware, much less to a beach in Delaware. So, when trying to come up with a plan for our staycation, I thought a 3 hour drive to the beach would be perfect. To ease the travel for all the kids, I booked us an overnight stay in Dover for Monday night, our almost half way point. The idea was we would watch the weather and either go to the beach the day before our stay or the day after.

Unfortunately, as we got closer to the week of our stay, the weather turned bad. Rain scheduled for the entire week! Well, we already had a hotel stay using Jason’s employee discount. Might as well just go on down!

Monday morning, I pushed Jason out of bed at 6 in the morning. Knowing how hard it is to get anything done with the kids, I was determined to get everything packed before they woke up. Unfortunately, I severely underestimated the amount of stuff you need when traveling with a baby. And soon we were trying to pack the car with a screaming baby and two very cranky tweens. But I was determined to get out the door! So, off we were, at 10am!

Or… Were we…. After passing one lane construction (with a wave to the construction dude), we soon realized we had forgotten Jason’s proof of hotel employment so he could get his employee discount at the hotel. We pulled over and searched our pockets and bags. Nope. It was sitting on the edge of our bed. Well, crap. And back we went home…. Jason and I seriously debating just dropping the whole trip and staying home. But I wasn’t having it!

My Matching Tweens - Ready for the Roadtrip!

Back on the road, and with another wave to the construction dude, (he must have been so confused) we were on our way to Dover! The ride to Dover was fairly uneventful, surprisingly enough!

We finally made it to the hotel at 2:30 and were happy to settle in. On the drive in, I looked up Dover Museums we’d like to see as we wouldn’t be making it to the beach & the weather looked questionable. However, as we sat in that hotel room, deciding where to go, we realized that every single museum closed at 3pm. Well, that won’t work. Okay, I proposed, how about we go rollerskating? The boys jumped up, “Yeah!!!” And off we went….

HGI Beds are so Comfy!

…. only to find the rollerrink was now a Sonic. So, we headed to the mall, hoping for an arcade. Nope. Well, might as well get in some school shopping. Afterwards, the kids went swimming in the pool while Keira and I napped on the hotel room. Dinner was the main entertainment: Hibachi!! Even Keira was completely memorized by the Hibachi chef!! Finally! Our vacation was finally looking up after a series of hurdles!!

Keira loves Hibachi!


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