Poosplosion Roulette

Both Jason and I are fond of gambling. Jason prefers Blackjack while I’m more of Craps girl. Since having a baby, we haven’t been able to get to the casino so instead we play poosplosion roulette.

Don’t know how to play? Simply start with a baby who hasn’t gone “Number 2” in a day. You can even play with higher stakes if the baby has been especially gassy or cranky. Next, trade off who has diaper duty to see who loses. (There’s no winners in poosplosion roulette.) Jason’s strategy is to do bicycles after his changing. I go for the gravity method by bouncing Keira.

Keira feels better after peeing on Daddy

Today was such a day. After being peed on three times this morning, I was all about letting Jason have the poosplosion. Unfortunately, after trading off, Jason had to go run errands. Wouldn’t you know he had Keira do bicycles before taking off and BAM! Poosplosion!! Mommy loses. Now where are those scissors to cut the onsie off this child…..

(Keira later peed on Jason, too. We’re not tied – but at least I feel better!)


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