Ages & Stages: Mommy’s Dancing

I’m sure I’m not the only one who likes to dance around as I clean or get ready for the day. The other day, I was doing my typical dance moves in the middle of the kitchen as I got ready for work. I looked down at little Keira and there she was bouncing and smiling away in her seat. She was diggin’ on Mommy’s dancing. So, of course, I started dancing a little more and singing and cooing right back at her. She was *bounce bounce bounce*ing right along with me.

At that point Anthony, age 10, walked into the room. He saw me dancing and initially started laughing. But he stopped himself and put on his I’m-too-cool-for-this face, shook his head, and walked away. Oh dear God, he’s turning into a teenager.

It’s funny that the reaction from one little mom action, me dancing, can clearly set apart the ages of my children. I remember a year before we took over raising the boys, they came to visit us Pennsylvania for Christmas at the ages of 4 & 5. I was doing everything in my power to entertain my little sweethearts. So, the “ice cream” dance was born. I sang it once, “ice creeeeam! Yummmy yummy!” before heading to get ice cream with the family. The boys repeated. Then I added in a little dance to go along. Pretty soon we were all singing and dancing in the rented mini van the entire way to Friendly’s. But now… 5 years later, Anthony wants nothing to do with that silliness.

As Anthony walked out of the room, shaking his head as his “weird mom”, I shrugged and continued dancing to Keira. Right away Ethan (age 9) comes running in and sees me dancing. Instead of giving me a weird look, he runs to stand next to me and begins singing and dancing right along with me to Keira. Ahh, Ethan…. I can always count on you to never lose that childhood fun!


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  1. John Landis Jr
    Aug 14, 2010 @ 18:35:59

    Don’t worry, you’ll always have moments that he won’t want to ever let go of. It is weird to see them start to turn into the teenager that they will become. Warren is there right now and it’s kinda scary sometimes, what’s worse is warren is the middle child among the trio, but is the most responsible of the three, yet plays with the little kids too.


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