Searching for Alice

We’ve recently been on the hunt for a nanny. With the rising costs of daycare, Jason’s funky work schedule and the time it takes to drive a baby (or kids) to a daycare and back, it just made sense. I’ve been paying attention to the different experiences people have had – both on the side of the family and on the side of the nanny – and it really makes me think about what I want in a nanny.

“Mary Poppins” is the quintessential nanny that is most often referred to. She was fun loving and entertained the kids – and pulled magical items out of her bag! But, does anyone ever remember what the parents in that movie looked like? Did we even meet the parents? (See – I can’t even remember.) That’s not what I want. I don’t want my part in my kids’ lives to be replaced with a nanny.

No, what I want is an Alice. Alice was a part of the Brady family. She helped around the house. She entertained and played with the kids. And she acted as another support person to the entire Brady Family. Mr. & Mrs. Brady were still very much a part of the family life even with Alice there to help out. But the entire family was more content and relaxed (as much as a family of 8 can be) with Alice around.

That’s what I want. I want someone who can help me make life a little easier. I want someone who can inspire confidence in my children just by being a positive, down-to-earth role model. I want someone who can focus on the little things that tend to pile up in daily life and allow me to play a bigger role in the fun and entertainment portion of my kids’ lives.

In the Motion Picture Film “Domestic Deeds – The Children’s Lives”, Mom and Dad will be the starring role. And we’ll be happy to have our nanny right along with us as a supporting role.


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