Baby Gear – The Underappreciated and the Overrated

There’s been A LOT of babies born in my circle of friends in the last year or two. And many babies still to come! I tried to pay attention to the moms before me to see what sort of things they bought for their kids and what things they seemed to find most useful. Well, apparently I missed some things. This post is dedicated to all those items I didn’t realize I’d need so much!!! (And some things I haven’t used nearly enough….)

The Under-Appreciated:

  • Cloth Pre-fold Diapers – I looked at my mom like she was crazy when she pulled these out of her BabiesRUs bag. Cloth diapers? Really? I know I had talked about using cloth diapers but I certainly wasn’t ready to invest in them, yet! “No, you use them for burp rags.” Oh. That makes sense now!! And they’ve certainly come in handy. We had originally bought 3 packages of 6 cloth diapers. But by the end of the week they are all completely dirty! So, yesterday I went and got another package. Shh! Don’t tell my husband!
  • Socks! – It’s the one thing we left off the registry. And the one thing no one bought us either. But sure enough, we realized Keira would cry if her little feet got cold and suddenly I’m doing laundry just to clean the 6 pairs of socks we own as quickly as possible. (Every mom also tends to have a certain brand of sock that they think stays on better. Personally, I like the Carter’s kind that folds over. But I’d love to hear what other moms love!!)
  • Hats – In Keira’s first weeks home, I was flipping out. None of the little hats we had gotten on the registry fit! Her little head was too small – even for the ones labeled “newborn”. What we found out was that all the hats that come with a newborn outfit are the correct size. Darn those clothing peeps! Made us buy an outfit just to have a hat to keep her little head warm!
  • The Bouncy Chair – I didn’t even THINK to register for this item. I thought the swing was all I’d need. But while the swing is great for calming a fussy baby and getting her to sleep, the bouncy chair is our favorite play time chair! As we’re running the house like mad in the morning, we set our little girl up in the kitchen and she gets the prime spot of watching the family race around, all the while bouncing herself around. It’s also the best place for play time when Mommy’s arms are getting tired!
  • My Pouch Sling – I never knew how much I would love having a sling. Going into the grocery store? Throw the baby in the sling. Walking around downtown? Throw the baby in the sling. Baby is fussy and won’t let you get stuff done? Throw baby in the sling! And now that Keira has gotten bigger, I’ve found new ways to carry her around in it and they all seem to have their purpose. I just love love love my sling!!

The Under-Used:

  • The Crib – Now who would have guessed that one? I freaked out in the months before Keira’s due date. “The furniture hadn’t been ordered! OMG! Keira is coming in three months and we don’t have furniture!!!” What I didn’t realize is that I would be completely content to let our baby sleep in a cradle for as long as she can fit. And yes, I know my pediatrician and my parents are giving me those glares telling me my daughter is going to have problems moving into her own room, but they should try being the one to wake up for feedings and walking to another room! (And hey! The AAP agrees!) I know the crib will have it’s time – it just hasn’t had it, yet! 🙂
  • The Stroller – See Sling above! I have to admit, the stroller has its moments. But once I discovered how easy it was to use the sling, I find I’m using our stroller less and less. At least my husband and babysitter find use in it. But me, I’d rather hold my baby close!

So, Mommies and Daddies out there – I’d love to get your opinion on what you were surprised to find unexpectedly super helpful and what you thought was overrated!


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  2. katery
    Sep 09, 2010 @ 22:07:15

    haha, my daughter slept in her swing for the first three months, the complete opposite of what all the books tell you to do but my motto was, if she’s sleeping, we’re sleeping. i was terrified about transitioning to her crib but it was no problem at all. i imagine by now you’re doing just fine with the crib though.


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