Investing in Yourself

When I was gearing up for going back to work, I felt like I was cramming for a test! I read every single article on easing transition that I could google. I searched forums. I went through breastfeeding websites. And talked to as many working mom friends as I could.

I tried to follow their advice. I set up my personal plan on how I’d pump through the day. I stashed milk in the freezer in case I couldn’t keep up with Keira’s needs (even if a little freezer incident left me throwing out a month’s worth of pumping). I brought in our babysitter 2 weeks early to start getting her used to Keira and Keira used to her. Bottles were introduced. I started leaving the house bit by bit so Keira could get used to be soothed by others.

But the one piece advice I didn’t follow: invest in yourself.

Many women encouraged me to take the time and get a haircut and nails done to make myself feel fresh and confident. They also suggested buying new clothes.

Oh, but of course these suggestions seemed silly to me. Spend money and nails and hair when I now have diapers to buy? Ridiculous. And forget buying new clothes. Why should I bother when I still have my old clothes and maternity clothes just in case? Especially when I was sure I’d be losing weight quickly with breastfeeding. I’ll be in my pre-baby clothes in no time!

I learned the error of my ways.

The night before my first day back at work, I decided to break out my pre-preggo clothes and pick out my outfit. I had gone and bought a couple work pants (On sale for $11.99! Woohoo!) and started trying on my old shirts to match. Crap. I didn’t take into account that my stomach wasn’t the only thing that got bigger from the pregnancy & breastfeeding…. I tried on shirt after shirt and nothing would fit around my new post-baby bust line. Crap. Crap. Crap.

Finally, after going through all the clothes in my walk in closet and in our cedar closet, I found all of 7 work shirts that still (kinda) fit. On my first day of going back to work I wasn’t thinking as much about getting back into the groove of things. Instead I was focused on how uncomfortable I was with my sorta fitting clothes, feeling sloppy and low.

I’m now working to correct this problem. In respecting my post-baby body, I need to realize that it’s ok to be the size I am. Forcing myself to try and lose weight by not buying clothes will only serve to frustrate me. By investing in myself, I’ll be able to focus myself on what really matters: family.


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  1. Sara
    Jul 29, 2010 @ 01:46:39

    Good for you – post-baby bodies can be so frustrating, whether you’re bigger than you used to be or not. I’m realizing that now most of my non-elastic skirts no longer fit around my hips, and our budget in no way can afford for me to buy new skirts. Ugh.


    • Sara
      Jul 29, 2010 @ 14:32:30

      a good semestress might be able to help you address your skirt issues at a small cost compared to replacing them.


  2. Daniel
    Jul 31, 2010 @ 08:09:38

    I don’t read about baby stuff or tend to find myself interested in the dramas of pregnancy, but this post is fascinating to me. Thank you for it! I’m richer for having read it.


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