Returning to Work…

I never thought going back to work would be easy. In fact, even before Keira was born, I had been tearful at the idea of leaving my 6 week old baby at home while I went off to work. What I wasn’t prepared for was the bundle of other emotions that went along with the sadness.

My original plan was to use vacation to come back part time for a couple of weeks before heading into work’s busy July weeks. However, with the c-section pushing my maternity leave out another 2 weeks and Keira being born almost a week late, that left no time before the busy time would start back up. So, off to work I went. Full time and 8 weeks after Keira was born.

The first day wasn’t so bad. I was thankful that Jason was working an evening shift and able to stay home with Keira for the majority of the day. That left Nana and Papa to care for Keira for a couple of hours before I came home that evening. Work went great. It was hectic to jump back into the daily grind with everyone rushing around and asking me questions they had been holding off on asking for 2 months. But I was excited to be back among adults and feeling needed after being home alone with 3 kids. Yea for mental stimulation! I went home and was greeted by Keira with tons of baby smiles, making me happy and relieved to be home. I finished cooking the meal Jason had put into the crock pot and promptly passed out after all the kids were asleep.

The following days were harder… while Keira was an angel for Jason, she was cranky and wouldn’t sleep for my parents. For our part time babysitter, Keira only ate half of what she typically ate. And when I came home, Keira was cranky and seemed ravenous instead of her typical happy baby self. While work was good, I was fighting the chance that I would be working late nights and weekends the first week of work. I was overwhelmed with guilt that I was happy to return to work and my little girl was at home feeling abandoned by her mother.

But each day, it got easier for both Keira and I. My 2 1/2 hour Monday morning routine was cut down to an hour and a half by Friday. Keira ate properly – so much that we increased the amount we were giving her! I was yet again greeted by smiles from my baby girl and each night we finished the day by cuddling and staring at each other until she fell asleep (or I fell asleep from the exhaustion of the week). And while work life was quick paced and slightly stressful, I was home by 6:30 every evening with no weekend work. Life was yet again finding its daily pattern.

“Kids are resilient,” my dad said. It’s certainly true. If only parents were as resilient as kids!

Nighttime Cuddles


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  1. Ash
    Jul 19, 2010 @ 06:23:53

    You’re such a rock star! I never had to deal with this, but I imagine it would have been super tough. And even though I don’t have plans in the near future to go back to work, when I do, I’m dreading leaving Savannah for an entire day at a time all week. Having 3 kids and a full-time job must be exhausting, but I envy and commend you for making it work for your fantastic family. You guys are such great parents!


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