Daddy Blog: From Dining Room Table to the Hospital

Keira’s Birth Story(Daddy’s view)

Part One:

From the Dinning Table to the Hospital

I watched as her hand reached out to mine. Before our skin touched I knew. I knew to look at the clock. The past few weeks the clock and I had become close friends as he tortured me minute by slow minute, while I waited for “The time.”

I turned my head and told her the time. I looked down at my food thinking to myself “Well I better eat up if this is it. At least it’s steak.” From the look on her face and the tension I could tell that another contraction was on her, and glanced over at the clock before she could even tell me to. Five Minutes apart. We looked at each other in the eyes and I knew she was hurting. We both tried to get through dinner with out drawing too much notice from the boys or Nana and Papa. Once Dinner was done I told Kirsten to go lay down while I got the boys ready for bed and cleaned up the Kitchen, I wasn’t about to leave a dirty kitchen. I watched her go up the stairs slowly and struggling. I knew in my heart she was gun-shy after already being sent home from the hospital once for “False Labor.” If she was telling me now that they hurt I expected us to be on our way shortly.

The boys ran around for about 15 minutes then headed off to bed. I was able to get the kitchen clean and take the puppies out one last time then made my way up the stairs. The only light in the room came from the dim lights reflecting out from the bathroom. Kirsten laid on her side as I approached the bed and quietly asked how she was doing. “3-4 mins apart.” In my mind it was go time. I started mentally listing out everything that I needed to gather up and where I could find them. I told her to rest and just keep me updated on any changes. I Gathered up all the last-minute items I quickly put them out in the car. Between the trips I updated Kirsten’s parents of the situation. When I came back in I told her I was going to call the Doctors office she didn’t respond, at this point it was taking all her focus to get through each contraction. I called and left a message with their service to tell the person on call us back. In just two minutes my phone rang and I was speaking with the Mid-wife. She told me she was sending out information to the hospital and to go ahead and head over.

Although I knew driving through downtown would be the quickest route driving through all the pot holes and bumps while Kirsten was going through these kinds of contractions was not an option. I took the longer route that I knew would be smoother and would only costs us five minutes in time. When not in the midst of contractions Kirsten was either drinking from her blue water bottle, fussing with the radio, tweeting or asking if I wanted to call my mom. She did just about anything to keep her mind off where we were headed. It was a stark change from a week before. Her emotions where on edge and I knew to just let them run their course. As we came past the corn wagon I just remember her reaching over taking my hand and smiling with wet eyes. I was amazed at the complex emotions running through both of us. Joy, Fear, Love, Pain, Concern, and Compassion at the top of those lists.

As we approached the crossing of the state roads 999 and 741, to my horror I say “Road construction signs” I mentally shook my head as I say several cars ahead with brake lights casting a red glow. As we pulled to a stop I could see the section of road that was single lane traffic and the guy with the little orange flag only doing his job.

I wanted to jump out the car and scream at him that my wife was having a baby and I needed to go NOW!” I told myself to give the poor soul two minutes before I ripped him apart verbally. He got to the two-minute marker and only moments after I rolled down my window flagged our lane to pass through. Of course Kirsten was tweeting the whole time and found it oddly amusing. Looking back I do find the odds of it amusing. As we passed him I told Kirsten “No trains when we get onto Good Street okay!” and prayed. I wouldn’t be able to yell at mile long trains. Well I could but I think the effect would be mild at best.

We pulled into the Women’s and Babies parking lot at 11:56 PM I will never forget that time. We walked into Triage and were admitted at 12:01 PM I remember this cause we both had laughed at “The Office” episode were Pam tried to wait till Midnight to be admitted. Silly I know but funny. We entered out triage room and I thought I would be able to relax just a little and could stop my worrying. I figured we are the hospital everything else is gravy. Yeah that didn’t happen.


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