Keira’s Birth Story – Part 5: Keira is Born!

Here we go…

Once they were sure that the pain medication had left me absolutely numb, Jason and the OB came into the operating room. I wondered privately in my head if it would be rude if I asked the doctor if he’d had his first cup of coffee, yet… As he had just been called in and it was only around 7am. I decided it was best to keep my mouth shut and not anger the man who was about to be cutting me up.

Jason sat down next to me and I asked if I was allowed to move my arm to hold Jason’s hand as my other hand had been strapped down. The anesthesiologist made me promise with a smile that I wouldn’t tear down the giant blue screen in the middle of the surgery. I promised and reached out for Jason. The other anesthesiologist returned and began telling me that they were beginning the surgery. “Great,” I thought. “He hasn’t gotten the memo that I want NO updates!!” But luckily, he gave only minimal updates as I squeezed Jason’s hand. To calm my nerves, I began talking to Jason about our little girl. “What do you think she’ll look like?” “I don’t know.” “I think she’ll be born with lots of brown hair, like her daddy. And curly hair like her mommy. Hopefully she’ll have your cute nose…”

Finally, the doctor said that they were almost done. The doctor told me I’d feel a bit of pressure, like a bowling ball. “Oh my god! It feels like Anthony & Ethan are sitting on me!!!” …and out came out little baby Keira at 7:39am! There was silence for a bit until a few moments later came Keira’s garbled cry!!

Keira is Born

At that point I heard one of the nurses say “oh my!” and Keira was whisked away to the warming tray to be cleaned up. The doctor remarked that she was all green from the meconium she had been sitting in and it was obvious it had been there for quite a while. Jason looked over at me, looking too nervous to leave my side and I said, “Go! Take a picture!” Jason went to the other side of the room, camera in hand, until one of the nurses stopped him and said she’d rather Keira get cleaned up first. As Keira was crying and they were sure that everything seemed fine, the doctor laughing joked “She looks like a little Shrek!” I laughed, too… but was now concerned about her as I still had not yet seen my little girl.

Finally, Keira was cleaned up and less green and the nurses held Keira up with her complete full head of brown hair. And the tears went STREAMING down my face! Brown hair, just like her daddy… and just like I had pictured. They continued cleaning her up as Jason took pictures and they continued putting me back together. They brought Keira over to my face and I touched her sweet face and fell in love. She was perfect. Afterwards, Jason went with Keira to the recovery room where I would join them later.

In the meantime, the doctor was talking to me over the blue screen saying that everything looked right. He said there had been a lot of meconium but that everything else looked right. He was confused as to why Keira had been in distress when there didn’t seem to be anything wrong. I informed him that I had been going through false labor for weeks. “Ohhh… that might be it…” Maybe my false labor wasn’t so false after all. Days and days of contractions had finally stressed Keira out to the max and she couldn’t take it anymore.

First Hold

Finally, they wheeled me in to the recovery room where Jason was holding an adorable Keira close to him. I smiled at seeing him hold our daughter for the first time ever.  After performing a couple tests, I asked to hold Keira. I wasn’t able to figure out how to breastfeed right away like I had hoped with the numbness of the c-section epidural reaching up to my chest. The nursery nurse handed Keira to me as the recovery nurse helped to remove the extra wires as we laid Keira down on my chest. I looked down at her beautiful face, breathed her in, and felt content knowing that through all the stress, my baby girl was finally here. A beautiful, healthy Keira Isabelle Deeds was born on May 14th at 7:39am, weighing 7 pounds and 10 ounces at 21 1/2 inches.

Baby Keira


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